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Transportation and logistics company "OptimaTransService"

St. Petersburg is home to the intersection of major transport corridors passing through Russia, so the transport and logistics services are becoming more and more in demand here. This trend is also due to increased competition. In business of logistics it is necessary to find an advantageous way to deliver goods to destination before a competitor.

Transportation and logistics company "OptimaTransService" has been successfully working in the transport market since 2008, and during this relatively short period of time our employees have acquired the necessary experience in the organization and implementation of transportation both in Russia and abroad. We provide the following services:

  • port forwarding,
  • container shipping,
  • transportation of dangerous goods,
  • transportation of liquid bulk cargo in tank containers,
  • organization of transport from door to door,
  • transportation of chemical cargoes,
  • cross-docking and storage services.

Specialists at “OptimaTransService" are experts in the transport of dangerous goods and bulk chemical cargo in tank containers. We provide sea, rail, air and road freight.

Port forwarding

Company "OptimaTransService" also provides services for port forwarding at the main container terminals in St. Petersburg. Port forwarding includes:

  • document preparation for the import of dangerous goods,
  • organization of loading and unloading,
  • storage at warehouses,
  • forwarding and export of dangerous goods "through the direct scheme",
  • preparation of all necessary documents.

Our company has contracts with the majority of shipping lines engaged in ship calls at the port of St. Petersburg, which allows us to carry out port forwarding almost at all container terminals and port areas.

Transportation of hazardous and liquid bulk chemical cargo

One of the main directions of our work is the transportation of dangerous goods and the transportation of liquid bulk chemical cargo in tank containers.

"OptimaTransService" has a lot of experience with this type of cargo. We have a warehouse in Rotterdam, designed for storage, consolidation and handling of dangerous, and any other goods. Our counterparts in Europe are professionals in the field of transport and processing of hazardous chemicals. We are working with the world's largest producers of chemicals, such as BASF, DOW, HUNTSMAN, INEOS, CIBA, CRODA, SÜD-CHEMIE, Haldor Topsoe, etc., and regular deliver their products for chemical plants and trading organizations in Russia. As a result our specialists possess detailed information about the requirements for the carrier in Europe when loading goods in warehouses and chemical plants.

Transport Logistics

OptimaTransService will take care of all logistics functions of the client company. Our experts will develop an optimal delivery scheme based on the objectives, characteristics and requirements of the cargo to its transportation, select the necessary form of transport and the most suitable vehicle at each stage of delivery, will solve all related problems and emerging issues and provide documentary support for the entire journey if necessary . If your organization has successfully operated logistics department or you are providing transportation and logistics services, company "OptimaTransService" can happily act as a reliable counterparty at any time during transportation. Our customers are always assured that their cargo is in safe hands and will be delivered in perfect condition to the place of destination within the agreed time scale.

More information about the services provided by the company “OptimaTransService” can be found on the pages of the relevant sections of our site.