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Customs clearance

The company "OptimaTransService" offers multimodal transportation with a full range of services including organization of cargo transportation and its delivery anywhere in the world to the specified location as well as customs clearance.

Perhaps, one of the most important stages in the organization of international freight is customs clearance. It may seem like a very straightforward process: goods arrive at the terminal, customs duties and charges are paid and it’s done! Unfortunately, customs clearance has proved to be challenging for cargo traders. It is a process which should be approached with great responsibility.

Inaccurate compilation of foreign trade contract, misclassification of goods or incorrect calculation of customs duties can cause long delays at customs terminals. It is possible that errors in the transport documents and many other factors would entail additional control and verification measures by the government. The consequence of incorrect customs clearance is not only a waste of time and a violation of terms of delivery, but it could also result in significant financial losses (charges for terminal services at the temporary storage are usually very high), not to mention the administrative proceedings, the arrest of the cargo, and even criminal prosecution.

The best way to protect yourself and your business from risk and inconvenience is to entrust customs clearance and delivery of your cargo to professionals, to the company "OptimaTransService" as our regular customers do.

We specialize in the supply of raw chemical materials manufactured in Europe and imported through the St. Petersburg port, which is in the zone of the Baltic Customs. We have strong working relationship with several major customs brokers.

Our partners work with no restrictions on the transportation mode and geography of delivery. They specialize in customs clearance of any goods, including car parts and accessories, food products, industrial chemicals, etc. This allows us to provide complex transportation and logistics services and customs clearance in either our company’s name or directly to the contracted client.

"OptimaTransService" offers cargo transportation and customs clearance services of the highest level. For you, we will develop individual logistic schemes of delivery; provide quality and safe transport services, arrange all the necessary export and import documents in Europe and Russia.

It is your cargo that can be delivered by the company "OptimaTransService".